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About Us

About Us

Osiris construction company has been in operation since 2005. The company’s goal is to operate specifically on a team concept. The Osiris Brand is backed by a team of experienced and skilled field experts and staff members that work to deliver high-quality projects. The organization tends to perform industrial, institutional and commercial projects which involve renovations, additions, and new buildings.

Osiris’ approach is working hand in hand with every owner, subcontractor, as well as with other consultants with the intention of establishing a durable partnership that is based on a commitment. It is aimed at offering value-driven, quality and responsive services as a way of ensuring mutual long-standing success. Osiris construction organization may take on any initiative be it residential or commercial. Moreover, the firm tends to span various vertical markets, which includes general office, retail, and restaurants. Therefore, the company’s extensive knowledge has the ability to ensure the customer’s projects are a success.

The firm carries out different functions which include: project managing, maintenance, new construction, and remodeling. Osiris company’s diverse expertise and experience tend to provide customers with an extremely comprehensive and customized package of services aimed at meeting every customer’s unique expectations and needs.

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